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Ceylon Green Tea (100 Teabags)


✔️SRILUXE PREMIUM QUALITY CEYLON GREEN TEA BAGS – Exquisite taste and aroma a truly refreshing flavour mild strength and tangy without bitterness. clear brew nice amber colour. Our teas are 100% Ceylon UNBLENDED unlike other tea brands. SRILUXE Teas are hand picked to make sure only the two tender leaves and the bud is picked which essentially gives the deliciously refreshing taste you are sure to remember

✔️DIRECT FROM SOURCE & GARDEN FRESH – All SRILUXE Teas are sourced DIRECT from plantation side from Sri Lanka so that you can enjoy an exquisite and aroma filling experience with each sip

✔️SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – we are confident in our brand that all our customers will enjoy our TEAS knowing from the taste that it’s freshly harvested 100% Ceylon Tea, CEYLON TEA (from Sri Lanka) is world-renowned as one of the best in the world. Every cup we serve is 100% Pure Ceylon.

✔️BENEFITS – Our High Grown Loose Leaf Green Tea is rich in healthy Anti-Oxidants, has a unique taste and it’s supremely healthy so it’s a pleasure to drink everyday. Drink 2-3 cups everyday for a transformed lifestyle. No added flavours, only 100% NATURAL tea leaves from the high mountains of SRI LANKA. Green tea gives you a gentle caffeine boost with zero calories

✔️LION LOGO. The Logo is owned by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and globally trademarked. Lion Logo on a pack of tea is a guarantee for 100% Pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka. To ensure what you buy is Ceylon Tea, look for the Lion Logo on the pack




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