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Ceylon Loose Leaf Green Tea (500g)

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✔️SRILUXE PREMIUM QUALITY CEYLON LOOSE LEAF GREEN TEA – exquisite taste and aroma a truly refreshing flavour mild strength and tangy without bitterness. clear brew nice amber colour. Our teas are 100% Ceylon non mixed like other tea brands. SRILUXE Teas are hand picked to make sure only the two tender leaves and the bud is picked which essentially gives the deliciously refreshing taste you are sure to remember
✔️DIRECT FROM SOURCE & GARDEN FRESH – All SRILUXE Teas are sourced DIRECT from plantation side from Sri Lanka so that you can enjoy an exquisite and aroma filling experience with each sip
✔️SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – we are confident in our brand that all our customers will enjoy our TEAS knowing from the taste that it’s freshly harvested 100% Ceylon Tea, CEYLON TEA (from Sri Lanka) is world-renowned as one of the best in the world. Every cup we serve is 100% Pure Ceylon.
✔️BENEFITS – Rich in healthy antioxidants, green tea gives you a gentle caffeine boost with zero calories
✔️LION LOGO – The Logo is owned by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and globally trademarked. Lion Logo on a pack of tea is a guarantee for 100% Pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka. To ensure what you buy is Ceylon Tea, look for the Lion Logo on the pack

10 reviews for Ceylon Loose Leaf Green Tea (500g)

  1. Manny

    loved it nice and tasty

  2. Geroge

    Out of all the green teas i have tried so far i would say this is by far the best, with green teas normally after little while it gets bitter so with this tea i can have it 4-5 hours with zero bitterness. thanks

  3. April

    Great Quality Ceylon Green Tea, the taste is truly something, I will be a loyal customer from now 🙂

  4. Steven

    Top quality green tea guys

  5. tom

    being on a diet decided to try a natural tea so Ceylon seemed a good choice than other origins to go for and i wasn’t let down, taste is extremely good and it also taste very fresh

  6. Jane

    Lovely loose leaves green tea by Sriluxe we all liked it we try all different brands and this seems to be a better quality tea, we shall order more. thanks

  7. emma

    One of the nicest tasting teas Ive tasted, and I’ve tried slot of different teas! I would even go as far as saying this is my favourite. great value for money

  8. david

    makes a refreshing cuppa, love the delicate aftertaste

  9. Andy

    Tastes excellent.

  10. Lura

    It was great, fast delivery can’t complain

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