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Earl Grey Black Tea (100 Teabags)

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✔️SRILUXE PREMIUM QUALITY CEYLON EARL GREY TEA BAGS BLACK TEA – Our Earl Grey tea really is something special! Our teas are 100% Ceylon non mixed like other tea brands. SRILUXE Teas are hand picked to make sure only the two tender leaves and the bud is picked which essentially gives the deliciously refreshing taste you are sure to remember
✔️Earl Grey – Oil of bergamot enhances the infusion of the tea providing a distinctive citrussy body offers a rich and robust Earl Grey experience and aromatic brew that is sure to put a smile on your face. Simply delicious
✔️DIRECT FROM SOURCE & GARDEN FRESH – All SRILUXE Teas are sourced DIRECT from plantation side from Sri Lanka so that you can enjoy an exquisite and aroma filling experience with each sip
✔️SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – we are confident in our brand that all our customers will enjoy our TEAS knowing from the taste that it’s freshly harvested 100% Ceylon Tea, CEYLON TEA (from Sri Lanka) is world-renowned as one of the best in the world. Every cup we serve is 100% Pure Ceylo
✔️LION LOGO – The Logo is owned by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and globally trademarked. Lion Logo on a pack of tea is a guarantee for 100% Pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka. To ensure what you buy is Ceylon Tea, look for the Lion Logo on the pack

10 reviews for Earl Grey Black Tea (100 Teabags)

  1. J. Woodward

    Amazing taste i truly enjoyed this Earl Grey, felt it was very fresh and tasty that other brands i had recently. thanks

  2. Gorge


  3. Samir

    all good thanks, it was a gift for an old friend he really appreciated. thanks

  4. Kevin

    Nice Earl Grey Teabags

  5. LURA

    I’m pretty fussy about my Earl Grey. I like the tea to be strong, and the Bergamot to be very pronounced. I’m not averse to hints of lemon so long as the tea itself is heavily perfumed and isn’t some weak excuse masquerading as Earl Grey. SRILUXE have it spot on. The tea is a deep rusted gold with a full flavour and heavy aroma and taste of Bergamot.

  6. epik

    Superb Earl Grey Flavour Tea, thanks Sriluxe

  7. Michael

    Very happy, highly recommend

  8. Mr S. Brandon

    Thumps up

  9. Rolando

    Llegó en sólo 4 días desde que lo pedí.
    Es el original, está buenísimo!
    Sólo objetar que con los gastos de envío sale un poco caro.

  10. C. Robinson

    This tea is very satisfactory indeed for a “go-to” cuppa, for example first thing in the morning. the flavour can be described as mild but very pleasant sometimes that’s just what is wanted. The decent strength means that brewing time is minimal, which is useful if you are in a hurry.

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